Digital Transformation and Real-Time Communication

Organizations in many different verticals already integrate real-time communications -- voice, video, and data interactions -- as features of their enterprise and consumer applications.

On mobile and the web, they aim to transform your industry. This is Digital Transformation.

Why? Communication is at the heart of their business and their relationships, with customers, partners, and employees.

Increase engagement with your customers, collaboration with business partners, and your employees' productivity, powered by the Temasys Platform for Embedded Real-Time Communications.

Industries We Work With


K-12, community colleges and universities are increasing investments in WebRTC-powered solutions to bring students, teachers and outside experts together for richly collaborative educational experiences. Temasys can help you quickly and easily add the "real-time" dimension to your Learning Management System, quickly and easily. Bring new and exciting interactive experiences for students to your distance learning tools.

Healthcare & Telemedicine

HIPAA-compliant solutions that help medical professionals connect with patients and each other, easily and quickly. Facilitate knowledge sharing and continuing education, driving faster adoption of best practices, efficiently and cost-effectively. Our customers use Temasys to improve access to health care services for remote and underserved patient populations cost-effectively, improving outcomes for all. Discover the embedded real-time communication capabilities we enable for customers like Digital NoemaMedifi, and Big White Wall.


Clients expect their financial services representatives to be accessible, providing immediate expert consultations and a seamless customer experience. Financial institutions use real-time communications embedded in their account management portals and apps, to deliver highly personalized service.Temasys enables secure, high-touch interactions that help you cultivate customer loyalty, increase retention and customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores, and build longer lasting relationships with your clients.

Call Centers

Improve and distinguish your omnichannel contact center software by embedding powerful video, voice, and messaging capabilities. Temasys can be integrated with your existing infrastructure and business logic to help you connect your clients with their customers in a more personalized way.

Professional Services

Temasys helps law firms, insurance companies, financial advisors and other professionals deliver higher quality personalized service while keeping costs under control. In any environment where fast, reliable and secure communications are essential, Temasys helps protect and facilitate transactions that involve sensitive information. Expand your business’s reach, use time more efficiently, and keep clients happy


As online shopping continues to dominate the consumer market, retailers are turning to real-time communications to engage more deeply with their customers. Temasys can help you create exceptional levels of service and a custom-tailored experience for your customers.


True-to-life gaming experiences keep your players engaged and active in the community. Leverage real-time video, voice, and text-chat capabilities to enrich virtual game playing, e-sports, live streaming, and more.

Media & Entertainment

High-quality real-time voice and video is giving new meaning to audience participation. Create authentic and unforgettable connections between celebrities, brands, and fans of both.


For many government agencies, video collaboration is essential to working more efficiently, serving constituents more effectively and reducing costs in the process. Once considered too expensive and complex for everyday use, secure video conferencing is now affordable and easy to use.

Business Challenges We Address

Branding & Advertising

Allowing customers to interact directly with your brand through live-video experiences, transforms tired one-way marketing campaigns. Temasys Skylink can help you engage customers and drive repeat purchases with exciting brand interactions.


With the ability to stream feature-rich, high quality live video from anywhere with any device to a large audience, you can widen your reach and enable greater levels of participation. Entertain and engage your audience, using Temasys Skylink.

Customer Service

Today’s consumers have come to expect a highly personalized service experience.  Temasys Skylink's flexible, feature-rich interface can help you offer your customers a more engaging experience, resulting in increased satisfaction and retention.

Field Service

Make the best use of your most valuable resources: your subject matter experts.  Using WebRTC, experts can see and coach field technicians through complex repairs, perform inspections, and consult with other experts anywhere around the globe. Whether using smart phones, tablets, smart glasses, or remote controlled drones, field technicians can bring world class expertise directly to the job site, improving resolution times all without a second appointment or on-site support.

Unified Communications

With one-click simplicity, users can host, schedule and join conferences with participants inside and outside of their organizations. Thanks to dramatic advantages in video quality, scalability and resilience over both wired and wireless connections.

Distance Learning

Distance learning programs need teachers who can quickly author and organize content into curricula, deliver it live or on-demand across any device, and track the results. Students learning in dynamic digital settings have a strong affinity for video collaboration, whether they are listening to a lecture, studying with classmates, or presenting a project. With Temasys Skylink,  distance learning is a win-win-win, for teachers, students and administrators.

Human Resources

Video is a valuable resource for HR today, bringing employees together for diversity programs, employer brand campaigns and other activities that go far beyond traditional training apps to improve work-life balance, connect distributed workforces and more.

Workforce Management / Distributed Workforce

To compete in today’s global economy, companies of all sizes need the ability to quickly gather the best talent for projects at hand, regardless if they are in Boston or Bangalore. WebRTC makes it easy to connect remote teams and teleworkers, transforming their everyday smartphones, tablets and PCs into a virtual workspace for high-quality video communication and productive collaboration.