The Temasys WebRTC Plugin

The Temasys Plugin: Bring Your WebRTC Apps to Life on Internet Explorer and Apple Safari

The Temasys Platform makes it easy to Embed Real-Time Communications in Any App, on Any Device, at Any Scale, powered by WebRTC....Even when users still need support for Internet Explorer and Apple Safari.

The Temasys WebRTC Plugin is the leading solution to bring complete, standards-compliant WebRTC functionality to Microsoft Internet Explorer and Apple Safari desktop browsers.

Is Your Browser Ready?

The Free WebRTC Plugin



  • The most widely used solution for bringing WebRTC to Microsoft Internet Explorer and Apple Safari web browsers

  • Supports full WebRTC 1.0 specification for audio, video, chat and data-channel

  • Rigorously tested for seamless compatibility with Chrome, Opera, and Firefox WebRTC implementations

Easy to Implement

  • Designed to be platform agnostic and offer nearly drop-in implementation effort.

  • Easily support the plugin in your web-app using SkylinkJS or our AdapterJS browser polyfill.

  • Our AdapterJS polyfill is a drop in replacement for the one provided by

  • Painless distribution of the installer via our CDN.

Support & Maintenance


License Details: Free vs. Commercial Plugin

The free version of the Temasys WebRTC Plugin is available for anyone to download. It works with any WebRTC service and supports the WebRTC 1.0 specification. The free WebRTC Plugin can be used for any purpose, commercial or not.

If you need support for features that are not part of the WebRTC specification, like screen sharing, HTTPS support, you may want to consider purchasing a paid license for the WebRTC Plugin. This also allows you to customize the branding on the installer, among other things.

Want to see how the plugin works? Use our demo app,, with Apple Safari or Microsoft Internet Explorer. You will be asked to download the appropriate plugin when you access GetARoom.

Try It Now Download (win) Download (mac)

Commercial Licenses for The WebRTC Plugin

Commercial Plugin Additional Features:

  • Support for custom branding and messaging within the plugin installer.

  • HTTP Proxy support.

  • Screen-sharing support.

  • Support for H.264 video codec available; support for other codecs may be available upon request.

  • Feature management options for automatic updates and other security mechanisms.

  • Request a full-featured trial today!

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WebRTC Plugin Features and Pricing

Full WebRTC specification support for IE & SafariOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Regular updates & maintenance releasesOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Temasys hosted installer & distributionOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Screen sharing support-OptionalOptionalOptional
H.264 codec support--OptionalOptional
HTTP proxy support--OptionalOptional
Customer-branded installer--OptionalOptional
Auto-updates "off"---Optional
Embed plugin client in own installer package---Optional
Unlimited installs *---Optional
Account management, integration and customer supportSelf-Service, Mailing List+ Email+ Scheduled Calls+ Scheduled Live Chat
Setup Fee (one-time, up front)-$199.00$2,000Contact Us
Ongoing License & Maintenance Fee-$399 / month$999 / monthContact Us
Discounts Available-
- Annual Payment-10%10%Contact Us
- Bundle w Skylink Platform-10%10%Contact Us

* Standard limit is 10,000 active installs per year. If you need additional licenses we can talk!

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