About Temasys

Temasys is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) company based in Palo Alto, USA and Singapore. The Temasys WebRTC Platform empowers business application developers to easily integrate voice, video, chat and data transfer into any app, on any device, at any scale.

Unlike other Communications Platforms, WebRTC Platforms, and single-purpose communication apps, Temasys bridges the gap between the pure open source WebRTC and a complete, enterprise-grade, carrier-compliant solution, with easy-to-use APIs and SDKs, exceptional documentation, and superior customer support.

The Temasys WebRTC Platform leverages and enhances the capabilities provided by Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC), an emerging standard for peer-to-peer connectivity. WebRTC enables high-quality, low-bandwidth audio, video chat and secure data transfer between users of any web or mobile application, and even between devices in the IoT.

Temasys is an active and working member of both the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). The W3C and IETF provide an implementation of the WebRTC standard used by Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera (web browser). Temasys also helps bring WebRTC to Microsoft Internet Explorer and Apple Safari desktop browsers.

Our Values

1. Integrity in all our interactions

We follow our moral and ethical convictions and strive to do the right thing in all circumstances, even when no one is watching us.

Whether we are working with our colleagues or our customers, we conduct ourselves with professionalism and with a respect for others.

More than anything else, our reputation as individuals and as a company depends on trust, and trust is built by maintaining integrity.

2. Continuous innovation

We celebrate creativity and encourage each other to share ideas.

The business is built on top of individual and team efforts to out-think and out-execute our competitors, and to deliver results beyond the expectations of our customers, shareholders, and employees.

Every employee actively contributes to innovation, through the delivery and support of our products, the design and execution of internal and externally facing processes, and ultimately by generating business results.

We encourage our employees to take calculated risks and we learn from our mistakes.

3. An open culture that encourages collaboration

We communicate openly and sincerely, transparently and with empathy and respect (see Integrity, above)

We empathize with others. We encourage each other to maintain a constructive tone in all discussions, no matter how frustrating we may find any given situation.

We demand more from ourselves than we do from each other, while encouraging each other to excel.

4. Accountability to deliver on our commitments

We keep our promises. We do what we say we'll do, and we mean what we say.

When there are problems or challenges we bring them into the open and address them, up front as a team.

NO ONE FAILS ALONE. When we face problems or challenges, we find solutions together, or we fail together.

5. We celebrate success

When our customers win, the company wins. When the company wins, we all win.

We share our wins and make time to recognize each other's strengths.

We all work very hard, but we also believe in taking time out to recharge, for ourselves or with our teams.

We value all of our employees and all of their contributions.


Bent Rye
CEO & Chairman

Bent held leadership positions with Cisco (1993-2011) from start-up in Northern Europe to HQ in Silicon Valley - built and ran organizations with global operations. Worked extensively in all theaters - US, Europe, Asia and Middle East. He has broad experience in direct and partner sales, scaling of business operations and large deal management.

Sherwin Sim
Chief Technology Officer

Sherwin has 10+ years experience with deep expertise in voice & video over IP, enterprise & mobile product development, and agile software development processes. He is the former CTO of Magor, and has held development and leadership roles at CounterPath Corporation, MKC Networks.

Chip Wilcox
Chief Product Officer

Chip has more than 25 years of experience with an international track record in leadership, general management, product and operations management. Former Product Manager for Yahoo! Mail and Messenger (SEA). Senior roles in Digital Media, Healthcare, Consulting, Insurance and Financial Services with Yahoo!, International SOS, CapGemini, and others. BA, DePauw University. MBA, University of Washington Foster School of Business.

Nadine Yap
Chief Customer Success Officer

Nadine has 20+ years experience in technology product and program management, having worked with early and late stage startups as well as tech giants like Amazon.com and Yahoo! She was VP Product at Viki (acquired by Rakuten), Dir of Product Marketing for Y! Southeast Asia, and Technical Product and Program Manager at Amazon.com (Target, Customer Reviews, AWS).

Chad Hoke
Chief Revenue Officer

Chad has more than 20 years experience building high-performance sales and channel teams for SAP, Sage and Corel.  More recently, he has led all aspects of go-to-market for cloud start-ups for e-learning, accounting and project management.  Chad has a proven track record scaling revenue from start-up to IPO.  MBA Southern Methodist University, Cox School of Business.

Nathaniel Currier
Director, Engineering

Nathaniel brings 18 years of high-end product focused engineering leadership and software development experience in both the enterprise software and advertising spaces. A background in both the technical and creative landscapes and extensive experience in cloud computing gives him unique insights into product development and scaling. Nathaniel has worked with Agencies, Brands and Companies such as McgarryBowen, Marriott, Nokia, Google, General Motors, RedBull, Spotify, and MTV/Viacom.


Bent Rye
CEO & Chairman

Bent held leadership positions with Cisco (1993-2011) from start-up in Northern Europe to HQ in Silicon Valley - built and ran organizations with global operations. Worked extensively in all theaters - US, Europe, Asia and Middle East. He has broad experience in direct and partner sales, scaling of business operations and large deal management.

Jan Nilsson

Jan brings 20 years of extensive Silicon Valley start-up, business scaling, growth and marketing experience to the board. He was a founding member of Analogic Technology's executive team who built the company from start-up to NASDAQ listing with a $500M+ valuation. Jan went on to found Kinetic Technologies which is now in a strong growth phase through his leadership as Chairman.  

Phil Edholm

Phil Edholm has over 30 years experience in creating innovation and transformation in networking and communications. Prior to founding PKE , he was Vice President of Technology Strategy and Innovation for Avaya.  Prior to Avaya, he was CTO/CSO for the Nortel Enterprise business for 9 years. His background includes extensive LAN and data communications experience, including 13 years with Silicon Valley start-ups. Phil is recognized as an industry leader and visionary. Phil was a member of the IEEE 802.3 standards committee, developed the first multi-protocol network interfaces, and was a founder of the Frame Relay Forum. Phil has 13 patents and holds a BSME/EE from Kettering University.

Tom Preststulen

Tom Preststulen is Managing Partner at Elkem AS, one of the world’s leading producers of industrial materials such as silicon, alloys, carbon and microsilica. He has more than 30 years’ experience as an investor and executive across the natural resources, clean technology, agriculture and logistics sectors around the world. Tom has extensive knowledge of working in China and holds a number of directorships with businesses in the Asia Pacific region including Gaia Mariculture Pte Ltd, Euro Nordic Logistics BV, Masterbulk Pte Ltd, Temasys Communications Pte Ltd and the Greenship Group.