Quickly embed real-time video, voice, messaging and data sharing into your websites, mobile apps and internet-enabled devices!

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Embedded Real-Time Communications for Real Businesses


  • Personalized, secure, high-touch client interactions.

  • Video banking.


  • Remote classrooms & Distance Learning.

  • Learning management systems.


  • Remote consultations.

  • Collaborate on diagnoses with global specialists.

Customer Service

  • Click to Call on the product page.

  • Contextual Helpdesk support.

And many more...

Benefits of Embedded Real-Time Communications

Contextual communication

when making a sale or assisting a user

Customer and user engagement

in branding, advertising and loyalty campaigns

Mobile and web live assistance

for external clients, field services, in-house help

Remote Collaboration, Mentoring, Teaching

For web conferences, schools, tutoring services, in-house training

And more...

Temasys Embedded Real-Time Communications Features

Text + Video Chat

Communicate with video, audio and chat. Video streams are in HD and we support stereo.

Secure Connections

With encrypted SSL connections in both signaling and media channel, chat securely.

Scale to more 10+ connections

With MCU support, you can chat with more than 10 connections, simultaneously.

File sharing between users

Send files to many users quickly.

Record Chats

Record your videos, audio and chat messages. After each chat, you can download your recorded videos from the cloud server.

Schedule meeting

Schedule conference meetings for anytime and of any length. Invite users to the room and chat at a specific time.

Plugin support for non-supported browsers

In the Web SDK, we provide you with a plugin to allow your application to chat across browsers like IE and Safari.

Connect to multiple rooms simultaneously *

With Skylink, you can join in two rooms at the same time or share context with different App keys.

*This may not be available until 1.0.0

Temasys Embedded Real-Time Communications Tools

Web SDK (Javascript)

Integrate Skylink into your web application.

Get started on the Web

Android SDK

Integrate Skylink into your Android application.

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Integrate Skylink into your iOS application - both in Swift and Objective-C.

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We also have REST APIs which you can use to authenticate developer accounts.

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What is WebRTC?

Web Real Time Communications (WebRTC) is a powerful new technology standard for real-time video, audio and data communications.

The W3C and IETF define, implement, and support the WebRTC standard. Many companies (including Temasys) and individuals (through the IETF) actively contribute to that effort.

The vision we all share is that real-time communications should "just work" in web browsers without plugins, and in fact on any internet-connected device with one core technology underpinning each web and mobile app.

That means real-time video, audio and data communications need to happen without using Flash, Silverlight, Active-X controls, and Java Applets in web browsers, and that communication features should be equally well-supported across all devices.

In real life, WebRTC is implemented in an open source software library and a low-level API. Some web browsers support it natively (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera). Others don't support it yet (Microsoft and Apple).

There are other challenges as well. The WebRTC open source API isn't very easy to use if you're not already an expert in video and audio technologies. We help a lot of people who have tried building their own WebRTC services and who have problems scaling them beyond proof-of-concept. And there many are other factors that impact real-time communications performance beyond the scope of what WebRTC delivers in terms of capabilities.

Temasys can help with all of that. We not only make WebRTC really easy to work with. We help make WebRTC work everywhere, reliably and at scale.
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See It In Action

getaroom.io - Temasys Skylink WebRTC demo - Free Web and Mobile  Video / Audio / Caht
medifi - Temasys Skylink WebRTC Demo Client - Online medical consultations on demand